Surgical Instruments

Our reliable surgical instruments are fully tested by healthcare professionals and are made of finest raw materials. Our range of surgical instruments are designed to effectively meet the needs of doctors and clinical staff.


We provide a wide assortment of scalpels ideal for a variety of surgical approaches. These include different shapes and sizes of scalpel blades and handles, each serving its own unique purpose, along with disposable ones as well.


With blades that are sharpened all the way to the tip, our surgical scissors have diversified length and tip designs. Our longer-lasting cutting edge scissors include many types of scissors of different sizes and uses.


Our multipurpose forceps are used to hold and manoeuvre various materials during surgical procedures. Our range of forceps includes dissecting forceps, microscopic forceps, tissue forceps and many more with various specifications.

Haemostatic Forceps

Our haemostatic forceps are available in varied sizes and designs. Forceps with ring handles, locking ratchet, and different curvature, as well as lengths, are also available. Our premium quality haemostatic forceps are used widely by professionals for delicate operations.

Cotton Swab Forceps

Used extensively for holding sponges, cotton buds, bandages, cotton swabs, gauzes, dressings and other small instruments, our cotton swab forceps are designed with precision. These include sinus forceps, dressing forceps, and sponge forceps of multiple lengths.


Our prominent retractors have been widely used by surgeons to assist them while carrying surgical procedures to expose underlying structures along with protecting the adjacent ones. They are available in a number of standard sizes, sharpness, curvatures and tip configurations.

Probes, Applicators, Spatulas

We provide finest quality probes, applicators, and spatulas that come in different lengths, diameters, tip configurations, and other such specifications. Our acclaimed varicose vein probe set that includes an assortment of olives with varied diameter, a plastic probe tip, a traction cable, and a T form handle is prominent amongst surgeons.

Trocars, Suction Tubes, Cannulas

The suction tubes we provide are available in many choices of handle, suction tip, length, diameter, opening and tube connector. We are known for our high-grade needles, trocars, cannulas, hypodermic syringes, connecting pieces, wound and bladder syringes, each of them with their own set of standard specifications.


We offer a large selection of standard laryngoscopes designed to optimally assist surgeons. Our Laryngoscopes and Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes are available in different dimensions and are the preferred choice of medical professionals. We also provide a variety of laryngoscopy accessories such as batteries and chargers along with their full sets.


We ensure that our clients receive high-quality suture and wound closure products. We provide exemplary needles (ligature and reverdin), needle holders, ligature conductors, and clip applying forceps each with varying length, sharpness, usage hand, shape, lock, usage, and other relevant specifications.


From bandage scissors and shears to plaster shears and knives to plaster spreaders and plaster breakers, we have a noteworthy selection of best dressing supplies. These are available in several sizes, patterns, blade sharpness – all according to the needs of our clients.

Bone Surgery

We improve the lives of patients by providing innovative bone surgery products to orthopaedic surgeons. Our unmatched bone surgery instruments include a range of elevators, osteotomes, gouges, bone rasps, tampers, bone curettes, periosteal elevators, bone files, and other necessary instruments each with different specifications of shape, length, diameter, weight, handles and tip configurations.

Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery

We are a renowned provider of equipment for surgical interventions. Our instruments are manufactured with utmost precision using the high-grade materials offered to aid surgeons in carefully performing sophisticated heart, lung, and chest operations.


We offer top-notch neurosurgery instrument supplies for neurologists. We cater to the needs of medical professionals with international quality instruments and defect-free neurosurgery equipment according to the set standard specifications.


Our tracheotomy instruments are ideal to be used by Otolaryngologists while performing tracheotomy operations. Having dimensional accuracy, our offered tracheostomy surgical instruments are manufactured using superior grade materials with the aid of modern techniques.


Our dermatology equipment includes top-tier dermal punches, face-lift forceps, comedone extractors, skin hooklets, milium knife, lupus instruments and face-lift scissors of diverse lengths, sharpness, diameter and tip configurations.

Stomach, Intestines, Rectum

We are versatile suppliers of a range of well-reputed forceps, clamps, specula, and spreaders that are used widely for surgeries related to the stomach, intestines and rectum. Our equipment is approved by well-established surgeons.


With health and safety as our top priority, we provide fine finish and durable forceps, spreaders, retractors, urethrography, and circumcision instruments for urologists to perform surgeries with precision.


Our pre-eminent gynaecology equipment helps gynaecologists to meet the needs of their state-of-the-art medical practice. These include a number of vaginal specula, vaginal retractors, endocervical speculum, uterine dilators, uterine sounds and uterine depressor of various dimensions


We offer a full range of high-quality obstetric equipment to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. They are made from superior grade material for safe delivery and effective The instruments are aimed at improving the quality of life for female patients by offering the best medical device technology.


We are committed to product excellence and are reputed for the unbeatable quality of our trowel knives, calipers, and probes. They are available in different effective lengths. We follow stringent requirements and take pride in upholding our products to the highest standards.


We provide otolaryngologic professionals with the ability to purchase quality otology instrumentation and equipment. These include micro ear forceps, micro ear scissors, micro ear knives, ear forceps, micro ear hooks, micro ear needles, ear specula, tuning forks, and other such stellar equipment.


We offer a full line of premier ENT manual surgical instruments. Handcrafted by experts, our instruments are known for exceptional quality, precision, and durability. Our rhinology instruments include a range of nasal tampon forceps, septum forceps, ethmoid bone forceps, antrum punches, septum morselizer, sphenoid bone punches, and many more instruments of different dimensions.

Tonsillectomy, Laryngo-Bronchoscopy

We are committed to providing both quality products and unparalleled customer service, along with having a comprehensive understanding of Tonsillectomy and Laryngo-Bronchoscopy equipment and the industry alike.


We have also been entrusted by professionals for supplying not just the aforementioned equipment but a variety of other premium medical equipment. These include nail scissors, nail nippers, cuticle nippers, cuticle scissors, nail files, sterilizing forceps, storage rack for petri dishes, needle cases, storing cups, stainless steel bowls, measurers, and many such equipment.