Dental Instruments

We are spreading smiles with an assorted range of our dental instruments that a medical professional can choose from. Our equipment is designed to suit your specific needs and is guaranteed to last. We are relied on for high-quality instruments that are used by professionals in the dental care sphere.


Our diagnostic dental equipment has been designed to provide precise results for more efficient clinical practices. With a fine finish, our instruments are made to accurately evaluate a patient during their clinical examination. These include mirrors, mirror handles, microsurgical mirrors, dressing pliers, handle options, explorers, colour probes, and ex-probes of various dimensions.


We are driven to provide precise endodontic equipment such as micro curettes, explorers, excavators, apical burnishers and pluggers, retro filling, and rubber dam clamps. We also provide pluggers, nickel-titanium endodontic spreaders, microsurgical excavators, forceps, punches and spreaders, each made according to the set standard specifications for enhanced clinical efficiency, and greater productivity for your practice.


We have a large selection of implantology tools created with only one purpose that is to help you perform dental implant surgery at your best. Our implantology equipment consists of implant periosteal, tissue punches, implant and osteotome chisels, bone scoops and pluggers, rongeurs, callipers, sinus retractors and lift instruments, and a comprehensive bone spreading kit.


We are well aware of the fact that the dental instruments used for the treatment of dental irregularities are a critical extension of an orthodontists’ skill for them to perform consistently with every patient. With features that are maximized for utility and efficiency to achieve the best orthodontic treatment outcomes, we provide for wire cutters, utility pliers, and wire forming pliers that last.


Our periodontal dental instruments deliver exceptional durability and utility for a variety of periodontal procedures. The result of our unmatched periodontal equipment is outstanding patient care. Made with superior material our periodontal equipment stay sharper for longer and include sickle scalers, scaler, universal and gracey curettes, hoe and file scaler as well as periodontal knives, curettes, files & chisels that need less frequent sharpening.


Our customers can be confident that they will have the restorative instrument of the highest quality to deliver the results they desire for their patients. Our handy array of restorative equipment includes composite instruments, filling instruments, margin trimmers, angle formers, excavators, placement instruments, coleoids burnishers, gingival retractors, spatulas, and impression trays.


Designed to fulfil the major supply needs of surgeons, our surgical equipment is designed to last and function as a seamless extension of a surgeon’s skills. These include surgical curettes, bone chisels and files, rongeurs scissors, tissue pliers, forceps and needle holder, haemostatic forceps, retractors, and many more such instruments that are convenient to use.